Design Thinking

“Design thinking” is an emerging topic in new product development (NPD).  Many of the principles will be familiar to New Product Development Professionals (NPDPs) yet the packaging of the concepts […]

Brand Promises

I recently purchased three new pair of underwear at a well-known department store.  Upon the first washing, the elastic had separate from the fabric on one pair.  I was disappointed […]

Project Cost Estimates

Every project requires an expenditure of resources, including time money, and people (human resources).  Whether projects are conducted in-house by project management teams or outsourced to experts in the field, […]

Lean Innovation Cycle

The lean movement is based on reducing waste and improving value-added activities.  In lean manufacturing, for example, removing process bottlenecks and increasing quality eliminate waste and add value for the […]

Change Management in Projects – Part 3

All projects encounter change. In fact, by definition, projects are designed to create change. The expected outcome of any project is a new product, service, or business process that improves […]

Change Management in Projects (Part 2)

Change – most of us dread change. We are uncertain of the impact change will have on our lives and we often doubt the benefits of change. Yet, working in […]

Managing Change in Projects: Three Tools

Why Change? Tired but true is the statement that we can be sure that change is the only constant. Managing projects for new product development (NPD) is the ultimate in […]

Innovation Triple Constraint

What is the Triple Constraint? Project managers often describe the triple constraint as a key set of boundary conditions for project success. The triple constraint is composed of the scope, […]

Project Management in Innovation

By definition, projects are temporary in nature, require a skilled cross-functional team, and produce commercially valuable goods and services. Developing a new product certainly meets the definition of a project […]

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is a term most New Product Development Professionals (NPDPs) are used to seeing. We hear colleagues speak of “disruptors” and we seek disruptive innovation as the holy grail […]